Between Rome and Naples c. 1700-1730: The Index of Prohibited Books

Lecture by Professor John Robertson (University of Cambridge)

Between Rome and Naples c. 1700-1730: The Index of Prohibited Books and the Intellectual Agenda of the Catholic world

John Robertson is Professor of the History of Political Thought at the University of Cambridge. His scholarly interests cover political, social and historical thought across the 17th and 18th centuries. He is increasingly interested in the different possibilities for conceptual innovation in a confessionally divided Europe.
Professor Robertson is the author of The Case for the Enlightenment. Scotland and Naples 1680-1760 (Cambridge: CUP, 2005) and The Scottish Enlightenment and the Militia Issue (Edinburgh: John Donald, 1985, repr. 2009).

7th November 2012, 17:00 in Academiegebouw, Room A7
Entrance: free, everyone is welcome. Practical information: Monika Baár  or Matthijs Lok


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