Computer-assisted analysis of 18th-century texts: Using Voyant Tools to read François Adriaan van der Kemp’s revolutionary sermons from 1782

Monday, January 26th, 16:00, Faculty of Theology, Oude Boteringestraat 38, room130

Speaker: Michael Driedger, Brock University

Abstract: This talk highlights the techniques and benefits of “distant reading”. In the past several months I have been experimenting with the tools of digital research for my project on Doopsgezinden in the Enlightenment (see My presentation uses F.A. van der Kemp’s Elftal kerkelyke redevoeringen (1782) to demonstrate my methods. Van der Kemp, a former student of RUG, is significant for his leading role in the Patriottenbeweging of the 1780s and his controversial place in Mennonite history.

Michael Driedger is associate professor of history at Brock University in Canada. He is a specialist in the history of Dutch and German Anabaptism. His current project is about the relationship between the Radical Reformation and the Radical Enlightenment in the Netherlands.



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